Una poesia che dura da più di 100 anni


FROM 1895

From the end of the 1800s, more precisely from 1895, in the province of Vicenza, Giovanni Cielo began the activities of his agricultural-wine company, with the production of wine and the breeding of silkworms, cultivation very widespread in Veneto at that time. In those years the distribution of wine takes place at the provincial level.

Subsequently, from the 1930s, Giovanni's son, Aurelio, took over the company, bringing distribution to the regional level, in Veneto

After the Second World War, in the years of the economic boom, Aurelio enlarged the company and opened the production plant in Creazzo. At that time, wine is still sold in carboys


It is from the 60s, with the entry of Aurelio’s son, Bruno, graduated in Oenology at the prestigious school of Conegliano, that the volumes of business take another turn: thanks to the investment of modern bottling lines he manages to make his way throughout the Italian market, entering the great distribution circuit.


This success has meant that, since the second half of the 1970s, the company has also begun to think of a distribution at European level, thanks to the participation of Bruno and Mariagrazia, his wife, at various trade shows.